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If you are looking for an ice axe that can handle a variety of terrain, and a variety of disciplines. From mixed climbing, to steep ice climbing and even dry-tooling. All of the features Cassin have fused into the X-Dream make it a remarkable and efficient ice axe.


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  • Hyperlight, perfectly balanced, fully featured tool for technical dry, mixed and ice climbing
  • Ergonomic handle with patented adjustment system to change between Dry and Ice angles
  • The handle is constructed from extreme cold resistant polymer laid over the hot-forged aluminum alloy spine
  • 3 different picks (Mixte supplied as standard, Ice and Race can be purchased separately) provide further refinement for different styles of climbing
  • Micro-adjustable trigger finger ledges and X-Rest insert adjust the overall height and size of the handle
  • X-Trigger pommel attaches to the shaft for a third ledge
  • X-Grip 2 included
  • 600 grammes


The first thing that stands out about the Cassin X-Dream ice axe, is its weight.  Although it is not lighter than some of its competitors, the weight has been more evenly distributed.  Hence, the feeling of a lighter, and more agile axe.


If, however, you are someone that likes a heavier head, especially for ice climbing, you can buy X-Dream head weights.  Or you can widen the axe head, with the head weights, to help aid jamming in certain cracks when going mixed climbing.



Handle angle

An incredible feature on the Cassin X-Dream ice axe, is that you can adjust the angle of the handle.  Meaning you can make it 5 degrees more or less aggressive, depending on whether you are climbing ice, or mixed.  This helps with saving that little bit of energy, on steep angled terrain.  And every little bit of energy saving, helps.

You can climb mixed in ice-mode, but the other way around, it may feel much harder to remove the axes from the ice.


The Cassin X-dream ice axe, comes with an adjustable finger ledge.  This allows for your personal grip preference.  Whether you like to rest your index finger on a trigger.  Some people like this because it allows for more accurate handling of the axe.  Others don’t.  It’s a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.  I do love the fact that Cassin have given the user the option.

Handle – hand size

I have fairly big hands, and wear bigger gloves as a result.  Some ice axes I have used, have limited space on the handle.  And there have been times, where I have had to squeeze my gloved hands in a smaller space.  So, Cassin, again, have really outdone themselves, by giving you the option.  Whether you have big paws, or smaller hands, finally an axe that suits everyone.

Pick weights

As mentioned before, Cassin give you the option to add pick weights.  If you are someone that likes a heavier head, especially for ice climbing, you can add the X-Dream head weights.  Or you can widen the axe head, with the head weights, to help aid jamming in certain cracks when going mixed climbing.

Choice of picks

The Cassin X-dream ice axe has the option of 4 picks.  The Total Dry pick, used more for dry-tooling, with its aggressive geometry and special heat treatment.  The Race pick, designed more for mixed climbing, with its hot-forging process to create tougher picks.  The Mixte pick, which can be used both for mixed and ice climbing.  And the Ice pick, which allows for the best performance on ice routes.

The Cassin picks all have the same curved point (see picture).  Some more aggressive than the other.  The benefit of this curved point is that when placed on a small edge, all of the force is concentrated on a single point.  Meaning you can be more accurate with your placements when dry-tooling or mixed climbing.

All of the picks for the Cassin X-Dream ice axe also come with an indicator, warning you when to change them for new ones.  What a brilliant idea.  The amount of times I have filed down my picks to a mere stubby, and surprised performance has lacked.

Hammer and adze

The Cassin X-Dream axe comes with a Mixte pick, with a miniture hammer, built into the pick.  This is a great weight saving option, but sometimes on Scottish mixed climbing terrain, it is always nice to have a hammer.  So you have the option with the Mixte pick and the ice pick, to add a hammer or adze.  When climbing in Scotland in winter, you definitely need the hammer attachment.  Otherwise you may end up using the handle to hammer in gear.

Third handle

Lastly, this is the only axe on the market which comes with a third handle.  Which, personally, I love.  The amount of times I use that third handle, it is so handy.  On mixed routes, to gain the extra height.  As well as on ice routes occasionally.  Also, on the approach, or exit snow slopes on a route, the extra rest for your hands to sit on.  It all helps with reducing the amount of stress you put upon your hands.  All helping towards energy saving.


The Cassin X-Dream ice axe performs amazingly on Scottish ice.  The steeper, the better the performance.  A combination of a well-balanced axe, its ergonomic shape, the aggressive picks, the adjustable angle of the handle, makes it your perfect partner on ice.


The only downfall is that the grip tape can get iced up in certain conditions in Scotland.  This is easily solvable by adding your own amalgamating tape.

The Cassin X-dream also comes into its own on mixed routes.  With its more aggressive angle, aggressive picks, three effortless hand placement options, and the serrated handle rests it is also the perfect mixed climbing partner.

The benefit of the serrated handle-rests is that when mixed climbing, and ice climbing, the handle can sit against the rock/ice.  This steadies the axe better, by biting into the rock/ice, especially when pulling hard, or doing a higher move.


  • Light and more balanced design
  • Adjustable handle size
  • Adjustable angle of handle for ice/mixed
  • 3 grips
  • Aggressive picks
  • Curved point on pick
  • Small hammer
  • Two serrated parts on bottom of handles
  • Interchangeable finger rest
  • 4 different picks available
  • Hammer and adze attachments available
  • Interchangeable with Krukonogi picks
  • Mark on pick, indicating when to change it



  • The grip tape can get iced up


The Cassin X-dream ice axe is high performing and well-balanced.  All of the features Cassin have incorporated within its design, has resulted in a versatile, aggressive, yet delicate winter climbing tool.


If you are interested in purchasing the Cassin X-Dream ice axes, buy them straight from Cassin (link below).